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Timoteo's Spice Co.

Timoteo's Spice Co. is an Arizona family-owned company that makes the best handcrafted, gluten free, lower sodium, msg free southwestern rubs. They are made with ingredients indigenous to Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico, and South America. We are now entering our 3rd year of business and offer 9 gluten-free, low sodium spice blends, and a southwestern BBQ Sauce. Our Sweet Sonoran BBQ Sauce is made with Mexican Beer, prickly pear, Arizona Oranges, tamarind, natural bacon flavor and many other spices.

Tim has worked as a chef for MGM Studios, The Marina City Club, The Arizona Biltmore, The Wrigley Mansion, and The Phoenician Resort. Our goal as a spice company is to take our years of experience with spices and introduce you to the incredible flavors of the American Southwest with our handcrafted, gluten-free, low sodium spice rubs. Our rubs are bursting with flavor while at the same time being a healthy alternative to most spice blends. If you're looking for flavor without all the additives and extra sodium, then come give our products a try!

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