15-Foot Small Dome Greenhouse Kit


Growing Spaces

Our 15-foot diameter (175 sq ft) small geodesic dome greenhouse kit offers a sustainable environment to grow fresh vegetables and fruit year-round. As our smallest geodesic greenhouse kit, it’s ideal for a couple or as a hobby greenhouses for container and dwarf varieties of plants and for starting seedlings early for outdoor gardens. You don’t need a lot of space in your backyard for this small greenhouse, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the yields you can produce from the compact size.  A family of 2-3 people will benefit from having a sustainable source of fresh vegetables year-round.  All of our Growing Dome geodesic greenhouse kits operate on solar energy and are the most energy-efficient greenhouses available, an especially important feature for winter greenhouse gardening in a smaller space with less thermal mass.


What’s Included:

-Multi-wall (16mm) polycarbonate glazing panels - UV resistant & shatter-proof

-A full set of pre-cut, color-coded struts and framing plus all hardware

-Automatic Vents – 1 on top and 2 on bottom with Bayliss openers

-1 Solar powered Undersoil Heating & Cooling System with one 4" fan.

-Reflectix® insulation for north wall

-Select materials for the above ground pond.

- 1 6' x 12' aluminet shade cloth.

- 1 snowshed entryway with a 32" x 78" door with a window.

- 24" foundation wall with structural siding.

- Drip edge flashing.