18-Foot Dome Greenhouse Kit


Growing Spaces

The 18-foot (255 sq ft) Growing Dome geodesic greenhouse kit is a wonderful way for small families to enjoy a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.  This kit is an ideal size for producing organic fruits and vegetables for your family of 3-4. It has a small footprint and is also great for urban gardening.  All of our greenhouse kits are available with optional weather upgrades for desert climates and windy environments. Some of the polycarbonate triangles on the 18′ Growing Dome have taped tips to reduce waste and maintain affordability. 


What’s Included:

-Multi-wall (16mm) polycarbonate glazing panels - UV resistant & shatter-proof

-A full set of pre-cut, color-coded struts and framing plus all hardware

-Automatic Vents – 1 on top with Gigavent openers and 2 on bottom with Bayliss openers

-1 Solar powered Undersoil Heating & Cooling System with one 4" fan.

-Reflectix® insulation for north wall

-Select materials for the above ground pond.

- 1 6' x 16' aluminet shade cloth.

- 1 snowshed entryway with a 36" x 80" door with a window.

- 24" foundation wall with structural siding.

- Drip edge flashing.