22-Foot Dome Greenhouse Kit


Growing Spaces

Our 22-foot (380 sq ft) Growing Dome geodesic greenhouse kits are ideal for medium to large families wanting to control their own food source.  Greenhouse kits from Growing Spaces provide the optimal environment for growing fresh, organic vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers using solar energy.  The additional height of the 22-foot greenhouse allows you to grow grapes, figs, and dwarf citrus trees up high with lots of room for everything else below canopy.   Small farmers and growers also use the 380 square feet of growing space to sell vegetables at farmer’s markets or farm stands.  All geodesic Growing Dome greenhouses feature heat-activated automatic opening vents and an above-ground pond to stabilize temperatures year-round.


What’s Included:

-Multi-wall (16mm) polycarbonate glazing panels - UV resistant & shatter-proof

-A full set of pre-cut, color-coded struts and framing plus all hardware

-Automatic Vents – 2 on bottom and 2 on top with Bayliss openers

-1 Solar powered Undersoil Heating & Cooling System with one 4" fan.

-Reflectix® insulation for north wall

-Select materials for the above ground pond.

- 1 6' x 20' aluminet shade cloth.

- 1 snowshed entryway with a 32" x 78" door with a window.

- 24" foundation wall with structural siding.

- Drip edge flashing.