26-Foot Dome Greenhouse Kit


Growing Spaces

The 26-foot (530 sq ft) Growing Dome geodesic greenhouse kits provide a solar-powered environment to grow organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, and beautiful plants and flowers. These spacious garden greenhouses grow enough to feed a household of 5-7 people. Many smaller families choose this size so they can have surplus food to store, sell or give to neighbors.  Or use the extra room for family dinners, patio chairs, yoga mats and have leisure space to relax and enjoy the subtropical climate.  Also a suitable size for schools where they can use the extra space for a small classroom.  This size is also ideal for Farmers and Growers who want to get an early start on the spring planting season by growing starters in the dome in the late winter.  This mid-size greenhouse kit includes a solar-powered cooling fan and you can upgrade one of the top vents to a solar-powered attic fan for even more air circulation.  Some of the polycarbonate triangles on the 26′ Growing Dome have tapered tips to reduce waste and maintain affordability.


What’s Included:

-Multi-wall (16mm) polycarbonate glazing panels - UV resistant & shatter-proof

-A full set of pre-cut, color-coded struts and framing plus all hardware

-Automatic Vents – 2 on bottom with Bayliss and 2 on top with Gigavent openers

-1 Solar powered Undersoil Heating & Cooling System with one 4" fan.

-Reflectix® insulation for north wall

-Select materials for the above ground pond.

- 1 12' x 16' aluminet shade cloth.

- 1 snowshed entryway with a 36" x 80" door with a window.

- 24" foundation wall with structural siding.

- Drip edge flashing.

- 1 12” solar cooling fan.