42-Foot Large Dome Greenhouse Kit


Growing Spaces

The 42-foot diameter (1385 sq ft) Growing Dome is our largest geodesic greenhouse kit and is ideal for growing a forest of plants, fruits, and vegetables.  This greenhouse features two doors with windows for easier access and includes two 115V electric cooling fans (solar upgrade optional) and two solar attic fans for optimal cross ventilation.  The 42-foot large geodesic greenhouse kit offers maximum space and efficiency at $29 / square foot to produce fresh, organic vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers year-round. Large Growing Dome greenhouse kits make ideal structures for horticulturalists, market gardeners, farm-to-table restaurants and community gardens to extend the growing season.  Larger schools also benefit from the increased teaching space and abundance of raised beds for all of their classes.  Urban gardens, reservations andother food deserts will benefit from the large growing space to alleviate food insecurity challenges, and have their fresh organic food grown locally year-round!



What’s Included:

-Multi-wall (16mm) polycarbonate glazing panels - UV resistant & shatter-proof

-A full set of pre-cut, color-coded struts and framing plus all hardware

-1 Solar powered Undersoil Heating & Cooling System with two 4" fans.

-Reflectix® insulation for north wall

-Select materials for the above ground pond.

- 1 12' x 20' aluminet shade cloth.

- 2 snowshed entryway with two 36" x 80" doors with a window.

- 24" foundation wall with structural siding.

- Drip edge flashing.

- 2 solar attic fans.

- 2 16” electric cooling fan – 115v