Lavender Sedona Sky Candles


Harmonie USA

We use pure Lavender essential oil and just a touch of sweet vanilla to coax out the fragrance effectively without overpowering the scent with this traditional candle.  The result is a fresh, light, but always there presence.

Sedona Sky Candles are hand poured luxury products made exclusively with food grade coconut wax and premium oils derived from natural sources.   We produce small batch luxury products offering the best smelling, cleanest burning, and longest lasting candles you can buy at our popular price points.  The coconut wax is non-toxic and burns slower that soy or beeswax holding the oils in a sustained melt pool delivering a long lasting burn time averaging 80 hours for an eight ounce candle and approximately 35 hours in the 4 oz size.  We use 100% USA cotton braided wicks with no lead to avoid drowning the wick adding to the candle's unique burn times and quality.