Timoteo's South of the Border Trio


SKU: TMT-S-STH-OF Timoteos Spice Co.

This is our Timoteo's South of the Border Trio

Santa Maria Style Rub...
This is an excellent gluten-free beef tri-tip rub with Aji Amarillo chilies, garlic, herbs, and spices. It's excellent on steaks, roasts, and other cuts of beef. It's very good on everything else. This rub has a unique herbaceous flavor profile that will keep you wanting more.

Cafe Ole' Rub...
A wonderful gluten-free coffee rub made with Bolivian Coffee, Black Onyx Cocoa from Mexico, chilies, orange, herbs and spices...this rub has the similar flavors of a deep rich Mexican Mole...Excellent on chicken and beef good on everything else.

Pollo Festiva Rub...
An amazing gluten-free chicken rub with apple, jalapeno, lemon, herbs, and spices for a sweet, citrus, and medium spice flavor explosion. Great on all kinds of meat and fish too. These flavors are literally a food festival on whatever you are cooking.