Timoteo's Southwestern Favorites


SKU: TMT-S-FVR-PCK Timoteos Spice Co.

This is our Timoteo's Spice Favorites

Texas Dry Rub...
Hey Partner! Try this Texas-style gluten-free BBQ rub. It has a slightly sweet, citrusy, smoky flavor, with a little bit of heat on the back end. It's excellent on your next rack of ribs, brisket, potatoes, corn, chicken, or chili. Great on everything else too!

Sonoran Spice Rub... A true southwestern gluten-free rub made with chilies, citrus, mesquite, spices, and desert florals from the Sonoran Desert. This is the flavor of Arizona in a rub! It's great on salmon, fish tacos, ribs, brisket, pork carnitas, elotes, beef tacos, and so much more.

Gringo Rub...
If you don't like it spicy, come try our Gringo Rub amigo! It's a mild, slightly sweet gluten-free rub made with bacon powder and maple. It's loaded with depths of tastiness. Excellent on any kind of meat, fish, or starchy vegetable. This rub is bursting with flavor and is our go-to all-purpose rub loved by many.