Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi)



Line-caught Pacific Yellowfin tuna (Ahi) represents a sustainable, healthy, and delicious choice. Our tuna is rated AAA and treated with a filtered smoke to retain the peak freshness and color after it is caught.

The superior quality of our Ahi tuna makes it perfect for use in sushi or sashimi dishes. Other methods include pan-searing and grilling. This tuna is the perfect addition to vegetables or rice.

Each shipment will contain 3+lbs of Ahi Tuna. Each vacuum sealed portion will weigh approximately 4-6oz. To thaw out, simply place the tuna and its packaging into a cold water bowl for 30 minutes or until thawed in center. If leaving out for longer than one hour, please make sure you cut open the corner of the package so it does not stay in an anaerobic state (without oxygen).