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Zak's Chocolate is an award-winning small-batch craft chocolate maker and an artisan chocolate shop. We are one of a small number of chocolate shops that makes 100% of our own chocolate. And, we use only ethically-sourced cocoa beans.

We (Maureen & Jim, that's us in the photo) love chocolate and we love the amazing natural flavors of fine cacao varieties. What started as Maureen's home hobby now allows us to share our passion with you at our small production/retail shop in Scottsdale.

At Zak's we roast only ethically sourced cocoa beans and make our own single-origin and proprietary House Blend chocolate to use in dark, milk & white chocolate bars, as well as bonbons, truffles, brownies and other yummy confections. Everything is done by hand, from sorting cocoa beans to wrapping bars to hand crafting our chocolates.

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